Suzannah Park

Singer / Leader / Activist

Suzannah comes from a family of three generations of traditional singers, storytellers and dancers and is happily making music touring about the country from concert halls to music parties back at home.

Currently living in her native town of Asheville, NC she finds time for many sewing projects, dance parties and delicious meals. Since 2008 she has led the Wild Asheville Community Chorus which is going strong with 150+ singers. While in town Suzannah also gleefully dons her orange calico dress and matching bloomers and dances with the Green Grass Cloggers.

While on the road Suzannah travels mostly up and down both American coasts but finds time to jump over seas as well. Weather singing solo or in her various ensembles you can find her teaching singing at camps, performing at festivals and kicking up her heels when the music starts.

I’m also delighted to be dreaming and planning up actions and events as the music and art director with my local non-profit group, Asheville Community Roots. We have lots of good things planned for this year and I’m excited to be melding my love of design, performance, singing and activism. So much more to come.

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freeing your voice workshop


This workshop delves into what gets in your way of confidently using your voice both as a singer and as a human in the world as well as how to support, strengthen and care for our voice.

We will be working on tone and breath, vocal care and any participant that would like, will have a chance to be coached in front of the group. This is a "hands on" workshop with group singing, working intimately on your own sound, and doing it all in a warm, cozy and relaxed setting.

Each workshop is limited to 15 singers.

The workshop will follow this outline:
- Welcome
- Warm ups & vocal tool basket
- Learning songs by ear
- Deep listening and finding harmony
- Individual vocal coaching
- Closing

sliding scale $45 - $100 per person
pre-registration is required

harmony singing workshops


Suzannah is known as an energetic, and inspiring leader. Her workshops are for singers of all abilities, from novice to music director. Wheather she’s teaching a rollicking gospel number or a soothing Georgian lullaby, she skillfully has groups singing in harmony before they realize they’re doing it. She teaches songs both sacred and secular from a wide range of community singing traditions.

“Singing with Suzannah can’t be beat. If she can’t return, are there any people out there who can match her ability?”
~Bernie Rubenstein, NM

the Starry Mountain Singers


This eight voice ensemble hits the road once a year for a rollicking annual tour. Their concerts features traditional songs from the United States, Balkans, Corsica and the Republic of Georgia, as well as original compositions from the group’s members. The American repertoire includes shape-note songs (a traditional New England song style), powerful gospel numbers, and haunting folk tunes from the Appalachians. The Georgian, Corsican and Bulgarian songs are a mixture of sacred and secular pieces demonstrating an incredible range of unique singing traditions. The eclectic program will delight world-music fans and lovers of choral performance.

“You Starry Mt. Singers are awesome! I can’t wait to have the opportunity to hear you live! It’s so exciting for me to hear a new generation of singers interested in traditional music and blending the new with the old. Keep up the grand work! Your parents (and by that I mean all the parents in my generation!) are very proud of you!” ~ Sally Rogers


Join Suzannah in the land of ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL JUSTICE